Kknekki Black


The original KKNEKKI, super cute as a bracelet and they are also recognized as one of the best hair elastics in the world. The unique weaving technique makes them extremely soft for every hair type. KKNEKKI does not fade, fray or slack even when worn in salt water.

You can recognize a real KKNEKKI by the brand name in the bead. Because of the special way in which this bead is glued, your hair will not get stuck in it.

Thick, thin, straight or curly hair, KKNEKKI is suitable for every type and stays perfectly in place.

Combine the KKNEKKI-slim with the original KKNEKKI for an extra fun color variation.

KKNEKKI has fans of all ages, for both young and old they are super strong in the hair, but also very nice as a bracelet. Not only practical, but also stylish.

The unique handicraft and weaving technique with more than 60 threads gives us almost endless color and combination possibilities. As a result, KKNEKKI remains just as attractive season after season and has become a true must-have.

''KKNEKKI is simply the world's best hair tie.''

KKNEKKI is the perfect gift!

Size: The thickness of a KKNEKKI original is 9-10mm, KKNEKKI-slim is 1-2mm

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