GEOMAG Magicube Recycled Starter set 6


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Introducing the Geomag Magicube Recycled Starter Set - a perfect fusion of innovation and simplicity! Unleash endless creativity as you construct mesmerizing figures and three-dimensional designs with magnetic rods, steel spheres and magnetic building blocks. With powerful magnets, a distinctive click, high-quality materials, sturdy construction and vibrant colors, building becomes an enjoyable and effortless experience - it embodies the essence of Geomag!

This extraordinary toy not only promotes spatial awareness but also construction skills, encouraging creative thinking and logical reasoning. Even the youngest builders, from 1 year old, can immerse themselves in this enchantment. Early engagement sets them up to become future experts, effortlessly mastering complex structures.

The possibilities with Geomag are limitless. Magicube, the construction system that has transformed the classic cube into pure wonder. A big leap forward in sustainability: our revolutionary Magicube now contains building blocks made from 100% recycled plastic. The same powerful magnets, unique click, high-quality materials and robust construction - it's the authentic Geomag experience!

Age: 1+

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