The sun makes us long for lovely linen items that are perfect for the sunny moments expected for the upcoming weeks.

This season we've added some linen pieces to our collection with dreamy skirts, flowy dresses, airy trousers, stylish headbands and sophisticated dungarees.

The linen fabric inspired us to add several linen items in three of our seasonal colors to our collection.
This linen dungaree is perfect for your summer child. With adjustable straps at the top, a loose fit and elastic upperseam for easy wearing and dressing.

This playful yet sophisticated dress will become the item your girl will love this season. The linen skirt makes the dress flowy and perfect for warm temperature and the jersey top makes sure the dress wears comfortably.

The perfect trousers for these days. Keeps your kid cool in the warmth and has a sophisticated look. Comes with an elastic waistband for comforable wear, is flowy around the legs.

Summer Haze; Summer is all about having fun, running about without a care in the world and trying out new things. Being a child on a summer day is feeling the warm sun on your skin, sitting on a swing, bees buzzing, drinking lemonade, and smelling wild flowers. Being one with nature: all is well in your world!

All our items for kids are made of long lasting, durable materials that feel super soft and comfortable. Each piece of clothing is designed with care in The Netherlands. MINGO clothing is mainly unisex and wearable all year round. All our items are produced by our close contacts in Portugal.

The linen pieces match perfectly with other MINGO seasonal items to add some warmth during the colder moments. Think of our fine knitted cardigans with cashmere, mouslin jackets and long sleeves that perfectly match each linen bottom.

Our linen items are made of a linen/cotton blend. With the combination of these two fibers we are able to present highly breathable and airy pieces. Due to the added cotton, the clothes stay in shape and are more crease-resistant than single linen. Compared to our linen we can say its more durable, useable and it responds better to machine washing and ironing.