Clothes to make you feel comfortable. Honestly made and of decent quality. At MINGO, we believe it is important for kids to be able to play, clamber and relax. And just be kids. This is best done in outfits that feel comfy and can withstand rough handling.

Born from a desire to do things differently
Stylish, easy to combine, unisex and qualitatively good enough to be passed down from one generation to another. And preferably: made from organic or recycled fabrics and materials. MINGO was called into existence to do things differently. We are no world savers, however we do want to leave the world in good shape for many generations to come.

Sustainability: makes perfect sense to us 
We use organic and recycled fabrics as much as we can. We do the same for our labels, packaging and shipping bags. MINGO represents collections that you can combine with each other. Items you pass on to siblings, family and friends. In addition, we have set ourselves the goal of using nothing but organic and recycled fabrics in the future.

Designed in Rotterdam, made in Portugal
Our clothes are manufactured in Portugal, in sewing workshops that we have picked ourselves. Authentic family businesses, each having their own specialisms and run by brothers, sisters, cousins. It means European production, minimum environmental impact and, obviously, no child labor.

MINGO is characterized by unique items of different textures in special shades. Soft jersey, cotton, linen, flannel or muslin; pleasant materials of the highest quality. And we use that to make garments of which we know for sure: kids will refuse to take them off.