MagicCube Starter set 6


Introducing the Geomag Magicube 3 Shapes Recycled Starter Set - a perfect fusion of innovation and simplicity! Unleash boundless creativity while crafting captivating figures and three-dimensional designs using magnetic rods, steel spheres, and magnetic building blocks. With robust magnets, a distinctive click, premium materials, sturdy construction, and vibrant colors, building becomes a delightful and effortless experience - it embodies the essence of Geomag!

This extraordinary toy not only enhances spatial awareness but also cultivates building skills, stimulating creative thinking and logical reasoning. Even the youngest builders, as young as 1 year old, can dive into the enchantment. Early engagement ensures they'll become future masters, effortlessly mastering intricate constructions.

The possibilities with Geomag are limitless. Magicube, the construction system that has transformed the classic cube into pure wonder. Taking a significant leap in sustainability, our revolutionary Magicube now features building blocks crafted from 100% recycled plastic. Same powerful magnets, unique click, top-quality materials, and robust construction - it's the authentic Geomag experience!

Crafted from 100% recycled plastic Suitable for children aged 1 and up Ignites creativity and logical thinking Unleash endless possibilities with Geomag.

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